RE: "Live Band Karaoke Sundays" at Stanley's:

It's been brought to our attention that Stanley's Kitchen and Tap, in an attempt to promote its new Sunday night entertainment, is using a deliberately misleading advertisement suggesting that the band playing there now is the one that was visited by celebrity guest singers such as Eddie Vedder, Kid Rock and various Chicago sports luminaries.  This is obviously untrue.

While  LBK, Inc. was sorry to see our thirteen year relationship with Stanley's end suddenly and while we still wish them the best of luck, we cannot abide this desperate attempt by the the new band to undeservedly appropriate  the unique and hard-earned history that LBK enjoyed at Stanley's for over a decade.

If the band currently playing there on Sundays wants to forge its own legacy, let them do it the way we did it: by earning it one week at a time. Not by pretending to be something they most definitely are not.


LBK, Inc.


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